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Written by Mateja Srejic

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Mar 10, 2020

Hello, today we will talk about how to use the side menu layout in Kodular. Let’s get started.  

1. Adding the components

Let’s add the SideMenuLayout component.  
Next, change some details so it looks cool.   I’ll add the Header Background Image as well as the subtitle and title.  
Now, let’s head to the blocks section. Currently, it’s empty but let’s change that!  

2. Downloading the icons

Let’s add some items, shall we?   First, let’s download a cool icon. Head over to Let’s search for “Settings”  
Click on the second icon, than on the arrow.  
Click here:  
Open the ZIP file and go to 2x  
Upload the icon to Kodular Assets.  

3. Blocks

Create an item  
There. Now let’s add upload one more icon thus adding one more item to the menu.  
Let’s do something on click. Add a new block SideMenuLayout1.On Item Click.   Check if the title is Settings and Search.  
Add a new screen, I will call it SettingsScreenActivity  
Add whatever you want to make the screen look like Settings. I’ll leave it blank.  

Go back to Screen1.  
Add a Notifier.  
Go back to the blocks, and create something like this.  
That’s it, you are done. I will go over the search function in the next tutorial.  
You can download the finished result here:   SideMenu.aia (1.42MB) SideMenu.apk (6.36MB)  

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